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A short trip over the border to Kerry will take you to Kenmare town where you will find the original Kenmare Bay Sea Safari. Seafari was founded in 1993 by Raymond Ross, marine biologist, ocean sailor, photographer, pantominest, singer/entertainer/comedian, nature lover/tree hugger, lover of all things marine and proud to be an Irishman! A family run business staffed by musically talented and friendly crew who are eager to share their love of nature and Kerry providing you with an unforgettably unique and memorable holiday experience with a Sea Safari around Kenmare Bay!

Cruise in the Tranquil Waters of Kenmare Bay

Seafari cruises invite you to explore the prolific wildlife of Kenmare Bay on Ireland’s premier seal-watching and eco-nature boat trip. In their comfortable and sheltered passenger vessel, you will be transported from the picturesque Kenmare Pier into the magical and tranquil waters of Kenmare Bay.

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From there you travel to one of the largest seal colonies in Ireland with over 300 of these beautiful creatures. Look out for secret castles and playful otters as well as a wealth of bird-life along the way. Seafari’s knowledgeable Captain and informative guides will show you the historical sites and explain how the ice age has shaped this beautiful bay.


White-tailed sea eagles have recently been re-introduced into Kerry and you will get a chance to see them on board Seafari. The birds are proving extremely popular with tourists, many of whom make the trip to Kerry specifically for a chance to view these magnificent birds on our Sea Safari around Kenmare Bay.

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Observe Ireland’s largest and most spectacular seal colony close-up and see if you can spot Kathleen, a stunning seal with a red coat. The rumour is that Kathleen is a selkie, a seal which was once human according to legend.

Fun and laughter

Humour and fun are part of a Seafari cruise and whilst the boat is not often rocked by waves in the calm waters of the bay, it is frequently rocked by laughter. Seafari’s family-run cruise offers something for all ages with Sally the Seal and her friends taking part in the commentary.

Tea, coffee, squash and biscuits are offered on all cruises and for those feeling a nip in the air there is a medicinal shot of rum.

Seafari, No 3 Pier Road, Kenmare, Co Kerry, Ireland.
Tel:  (+353) 064 664 2059