If you’re looking for a small trip out of Glengarriff for part of the day, then a short drive to Barley Lake is just the ticket. This glacial corrie lake just outside the village sits overlooking the Glengarriff woods on the Caha Mountain ridge.

It can be accessed by car or as an exhilarating cycle or walk! A very steep and winding road brings you up above all but the highest parts of the mountains where you can park up and head across the countryside till you get to the lake. It is a very impressive sight to behold.

Take the Kenmare road out of Glengarriff Village and the turn for Barley lake is signposted (left) just about a mile up the road. This road will take you through the woods and after approx two miles you will see another signposted left turn for Barley Lake, after passing a few houses you will start to ascend the very steep bulwarks of the Caha Mountains. This steep road will take you to the very top where you can take a deep breath and take in this amazing sight.