A collection of images of people and places from around Glengarriff in the 1940s. Glengarriff is located on the Beara Peninsula in County Cork. Well known as a tourist destination, the area is famed for its mountain and costal scenery. The prints form part of a bound volume containing a collection of ‘views of Irish life’ intended for publication in ‘The Capuchin Annual’. The Annual was published from 1930 until 1977.

The Capuchin Archive_1
Fortune telling at Biddy’s Cove, Glengarriff.

The Capuchin Archive_2
Chatting with “Curley Harrington” in Glengarriff.

The Capuchin Archive_3
Danny Daly, from Glengarriff.

The Capuchin Archive_4
A Glengarriff horseman.

The Capuchin Archive_5
A man of Glengarriff.