Based on ‘An Introduction to the Architectural Heritage of West Cork’  published by the Department of Environment, Heritage and Local Government in 2011, ‘The Heritage Trail of Glengarriff’ published in 2014,  concentrates on the built heritage of the last 300 years and describes some of the history of the various sites.

Glengarriff has been famous as a holiday destination since the 1700s and boomed in the Victorian times as an important stop along the Prince of Wales Route from Cork to Killarney. Evidence of human occupation of Glengarriff, however, dates right back to the Bronze Age 3,500 years ago.heritage-trail_image
With the exception of Garinish Island (Stop 5) and the Gate Lodge (Stop 13), all the stops along the Heritage Trail are within the village of Glengarriff and can be walked comfortably in ¾ hour.

We hope this trail will give you a greater insight into our village and add to your appreciation of Glengarriff – Ireland’s Garden Haven.

Booklets for the trail are available at most shops and hotels in the village.