Welcome to Glengarriff, the natural meeting place at the heart of West Cork and as we like to call it, the Gateway to the Wild Atlantic.

This website aims to help you to make your stay in Glengarriff a pleasurable and memorable one. Glengarriff is famed for its natural beauty. Situated on world-renowned Bantry Bay where the mountains meet the sea, Glengarriff is the gateway to the Beara Peninsula, connecting the towns of Bantry and Kenmare and has also acquired a fine reputation for the great variety of shops, galleries, accommodation, restaurants, pubs and services.


Glengarriff has been famous as a holiday destination since the 1700s and boomed in the Victorian times as an important stop along the Prince-of-Wales-Route. Today Glengarriff attracts visitors from all over the world. The population of the Glengarriff is just 800 and it expands significantly in size during the summer months. Glengarriff, the natural meeting place with its unrivalled beauty, its peace and tranquillity, invites you to sit back, relax and take in the very special ambience of the place.


The official Glengarriff website is also the online portal of the vibrant Glengarriff community who live and work here all year around. Here you will find the latest news on local events, announcements and developments in the Glengarriff area.

Glengariff is a holiday destination for all seasons. The climate of the Glengarrif area is influenced by its proximity to the Atlantic and the Gulf stream. The warm ocean currents means that rare plants flourish, frost is rare and snow almost unheard of.


Glengarriff – translated from “An Gleann Garbh” in Irish/Gaelic meaning “The Rugged Glen” – is a truly cosmopolitan village situated in a glacially deepened valley in West Cork on the South West Coast of Ireland. An Gleann Garbh is nestled by the foothills of the Caha Mountain range and its climate is mild and temperate due to the Jet Stream which warms the waters of Bantry Bay. The uniquely mild climate, means that vegetation thrives in this unique environment, and Gorse, Fuschia, Rhododendrons, and Camelias grow vigourously and cover the hillsides and valleys in this area. Glengarriff is also one of the few areas in the British Isles which still retains much of the ancient woodlands which once covered these islands.